Rodgers and Hammerstein

Happy (unofficial) Rodgers and Hammerstein day!
Some of you may know my love for the wonderful musicals of R&H. Absolutely magical and lush orchestrations. They just don’t make them like that anymore!
I’ve been blessed to have played for two of the “big five” powerhouse shows they wrote, namely The Sound of Music and Carousel. I’m eagerly awaiting being invited to play for Oklahoma, The King and I and South Pacific!
I also love the amazing John Wilson Orchestra and how they’ve brought Rodgers and Hammerstein back into their rightful place, I loved their R&H prom and watched their staging of Oklahoma yesterday which was incredible so check them out too!

I saw this post today (see the link below). Edelweiss is always a very moving song in the film SoM, especially as it was their last collaboration before Oscar passed away shortly after its Broadway debut.

Feast your eyes and ears on it and enjoy! X

Lynsey Blair

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