I love Tuesdays!

So, why do I love Tuesdays? Tuesdays quite simply are a day for ME. No one else, me. They are my mostly music therapy day, my mental reset and recharge day, a time to give my brain a break from the stresses of life and focus on something else. When I am focusing on music, i can’t focus on anything else. My brain doesn’t have 100 open internet tabs all clamouring for attention, I can just be “me” and my brain has to focus purely on one thing. Music, and how to play it!

I am very very blessed to have some amazing musical gents in my life whom I love to bits and am so very grateful for their friendship and tutelage. Firstly Andrew Edwards, my amazing flute teacher. I usually have a 2 hour lesson with Andy on a Tuesday and learn so much. Its full on and a lot of hard work but I have improved enormously (I think!) since my first lesson back in 2016, achieved an ATCL and performed many recitals in that time too which i never ever thought I would do but it turns out I actually like performing, who knew?!

I never thought I would be able to play at this level and thoroughly enjoy the process and practice. That’s not to say its not hard work – it is! Due to my health issues some days are better than others, some are less than spectacular but other days I surprise even myself. I am very goal oriented and love having something to work and focus on, and seeing the progress that happens as a result.

CPE Bach – LTCL repertoire.

Next on the list is my dear friend, teacher and musical partner Tim Jones. What an absolute legend uncle Tim is! An instant connection the first time we met, we have become firm friends. Tuesday is also usually my A level composing, coursework and practical session with Tim and then some LTCL playing to finish off.

Once a month this may change and I have a Merseyside Police Band rehearsal instead of lessons with Andy and Tim, so this changes to a Wednesday. At MPB, again i have a great time with my bandmates and other dear friend, confidant and MD Gavin Holden.

I am currently working on my A level performance repertoire and my LTCL programme in March. Andy, Tim and Gav are incredibly supportive, knowledgeable, encouraging and seem to have an absolute belief in me, that I CAN do it, even if I dont always feel that myself! I’m starting to think I might not be too bad at this music lark!

To finish off on my musical therapy Tuesday, I have band practice with the wonderful Wrexham Concert Band under Scott Lloyd. They are an amazingly talented friendly bunch of people and we are currently working towards concerts and upcoming competition repertoire. I go home at the end of the day with usually 3-4 hours playing under my belt, absolutely shattered, but happy and uplifted, mentally ready to take on the rest of the week! Music is such good therapy, I really can’t stress that enough!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to Andy, Tim, Gav and Scott x

Wrexham Concert Band at the 2023 International Eisteddfod.

With Tim, Gavin and my fab teacher Andrew Edwards.

With Tim, Gavin and Andy.

Lynsey Blair

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