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“Artie London”

It’s not often an eBay seller goes above and beyond in their dealings with you, but that’s exactly what Mark and his brother Paul have done. Mark is a great eBay seller (user name m0ddv) of clarinets and various accessories….

The Merry Old Land of Oz

Well, it’s been quite a week at Storyhouse in the Merry Old Land of Oz with the fab Castaway Theatre Company. Huge well done to everyone who took part on or off the stage, whether that be the fantastic cast,…

The Wizard of Oz

Today – Sept 17th 2023 was the day the cast and band look forward to – Band Call day! This is the first time we all get together to rehearse for the upcoming show. We had a double call today…

AS Music….

Although i have a degree in Music, a BA (Hons) 1:1, I’ve never done any A levels and it was one thing that has been on my bucket list! When Tim very kindly offered to teach me a i leapt…

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