Flute Duet book, Arr. Lynsey Blair. “Songs from My Favourite Musicals.”

Back in 2011 I had the idea of arranging some flute duets but as Musical Theatre is so dear to me, it had to be musical theatre! The book encompasses 19 of my favourite songs from musicals ranging from South Pacific to Les Mis and West Side Story and many more. They are designed to be played either as a solo line which is the entire melody for the student or as a duet version with the teacher or more advanced player on the second line. I would dearly love to get them published if that was ever possible. My students and I have performed several in concerts over the years and they really enjoy them. I am also planning a second volume!

In 2017 myself and a student; Molly Hunt had the pleasure and privilege of going to Germany to perform in a concert and we also had some recording time with Deniz. The release of the material we recorded has long been delayed due to technical issues and a myriad of other reasons, however, I am delighted to report I can now access them. The playlist link is available on my homepage.

Thank you to Deniz Inan who recorded edited these. He is a fabulous musician in his own right, please do check out his work too.

Heres the YouTube link – (1525) Deniz Inan – YouTube

Lynsey Blair

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