The Wizard of Oz

Today – Sept 17th 2023 was the day the cast and band look forward to – Band Call day! This is the first time we all get together to rehearse for the upcoming show. We had a double call today so the morning was purely for us in the band to rehearse, and this afternoon the cast joined us to sing through their songs too. The next time they will hear us and we are together is the actual tech rehearsal after the get in at Storyhouse. We get the music anywhere from 1-6 weeks in advance, on a very rare occasion maybe a little earlier so we can prepare and rehearse beforehand ready for the band call.

Often we can only mark copies in light pencil which then has to be rubbed out usually as we go in the last show, however with WoZ we are allowed to mark the copies as I believe they go back to the hire people and get destroyed – which I find quite sad!

A view from above of the band!
One of the flyers on my stand during a break. You can see some of my tabbing up ready!
Uncle Tim in full flow!
The fabulous Santino who is actually The Wizard himself as well as one of the Winkie soldiers.
Mr Clive Ray, who does so much for the cast and helps with tuck shop, advertising, chaperoning and a million other things too. Tim and I played for his wedding recently to the lovely Nic.
Fellow Reed players, Sarah Reed 1 and Gordon Reed 3. We are the heavy artillery in the reed dept!! I think we are all playing 3 instruments.
With the fab Uncle Tim!!
With Uncle Tim and the Director Karen who does an amazing job and turns her hand to many things including lots of costume making this show!

Lynsey Blair

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